My calling and purpose as an experienced musician and teacher, is to focus my music instruction according to a Christ based ministry. 

Music touches the heart in a unique way and its presence in praise and worship is a powerful connection between the congregation and His higher power.

 There is an overwhelming demand for quality instruction for the new wave of  Christian musicians. Starting with instrument and vocal instruction for the youth, up to the refinement of musicians and worship bands.

Instead of musicians just filling the gap in today's Church and following the lead of the worship minister, strong musicianship and individuality is needed to elevate the music. In doing so, the connection is made to His Holiness.

Christ has called me in a direction to develop a new strong musically educated force to carry forward modern music in the Church. 

I come with a well-rounded and balanced background in music, gained initially by my formal training. My credentials include a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Performing Arts, followed by years of dedicated experience. 
Witnessing how music is an instrument for social change and improvement, and an important vehicle to foster and achieve a full balanced spiritual development, in all children. 

*** Lesson Details *** 
I will develop individual skills in instrument proficiency, vocal accompaniment and working with other musicians. I am truly excited about learning to play while we learn to worship. 

*** Including (Our Purpose)*** 
Since embarking on this music ministry, my goal has been to take the music to the people. I have several performances throughout the year, adding more all the time, where I showcase my students and the bands we put together. Venues vary from coffee houses and parks to church functions and Christian meet-ups. 

Not only do the students learn through experience, but by bringing our ministry to people outside the church, I feel a direct connection to Christ's calling in Mark 16:15 'He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.