Jay Connors

As a praise musician at AZ Central, I connected instantly with Mark. Through word of mouth, I contacted him and both my guitar playing and singing have been elevated since our first lesson. I would recommend him highly any day as an instructor and know him to be a man of God.

Mrs. Quillian

Mark has been my seven year old son's drum Teacher for the last six months.  He is patieng and kind while always challenging him with something new to play and practice.  It is important to me that  teacher not only be knowledgeable about music but a positive and Godly role model. Mark is definitely a teacher that has both qualities.  I look forward to watching him develop both my son's musical talent as well as his spiritual character.  

Betty Jean Stewart:

Hi my name is Betty Jean Stewart 

I first started singing when I was 6 and I had the passion to want to know how to play the guitar. Me and my mom searched for a place for me to get lessons and one day my grandmother took me to buy my first guitar and that's when I first met Mark I've been taking lessons from him for guitar for a year now and he has been such an encourager I can now play guitar fluently, I play on a band at my church my music ministry has increased! I recommend Mark to any one who needs lessons both voice and guitar!